Workouts I’m Following During Lockdown

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you’ve all had a lovely week so far. It’s been a busy week for me in Amsterdam as I’ve started back at work. However, more about that in my weekly newsletter next week. I know that most of the world is still keeping safe and staying at home so I wanted to share my favourite workouts and trainers to follow during this time. When this all began I started off strong doing as many Instagram live workouts as possible in order to find the trainers and workouts that work best for me. 


So, who have I been sweating with? 


Courtney Pruce & Tom Bliss

This London based power couple focuses on CrossFit workouts. I love these workouts because they are so well structured. Usually with a strength warm up, a main workout and a sweaty ending which will leave you dripping. You do need a piece of equipment like a dumbbell or kettle-bell, however, they also have body weight workouts via their weekly email . I first heard about Courtney as she is a teacher at my favourite gym in London, Core Collective. Which was always my sweatiest workout in London. 


How to eat and exercise at home to lose fat and get defined abs ...



Natacha Oceane 

This girl is a force to be reckoned with. Her Instagram feed is full of sweaty home workout ideas with no equipment needed. I love Natacha’s approach to training. She focuses on functional training with HIIT and every workout is fun and different. Her YouTube channel is packed with fitness knowledge based upon science which makes her a real breath of fresh air in this misunderstood fitness & health world we are living in.



Natacha Oceane on Instagram: “Let's get sweatyyyy with some HIIT ...


Sarah’s Day, Sweat it to Shred it guide 

I really enjoy Instagram live workouts. However, after sometime I craved something more structured with an end date and a goal. Remembering I had purchased this guide a couple of years ago when it was first released, I decided to start it again and complete the full 8 weeks. Sarah isn’t a personal trainer but I’ve always admired her happy go lucky heart and her way of training herself.

The guide is based on different training styles throughout each week, Sweaty Shredders, Toning Power, Ab Blasters, fun activities and challenges. All the exercises are body weight only which has been a challenge in itself for me and one of the main reasons I am enjoying it so much. As someone who loves using weights in my training, it has been a really nice change to try something different. I’m now on week 6 and I’m already planning to buy her second guide. Both guides are around €42 when converted from Australian dollars.



Sweat it to Shred it | Sarah day, Workout plan, Weekly workout ...


Meg Shannen Yoga 

This is my gorgeous friend, Meg. It was actually Meg who hired me for lululemon. I love watching my friends making all their dreams come true and I am so proud of this beautiful lady for chasing hers and becoming a yoga teacher. Every Sunday morning at 11am (UK time) Meg does an Instagram live yoga class and I’ve tried my best each week to be there. She also has her own YouTube channel with yoga workouts for all levels which can be done in your own time.



I really hope you have enjoyed my list of workout inspirations during lockdown and I hope it helps you find some motivation to sweat.


Lots of love, 

Ella xxx

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