Bazzar Caffe 

A magical little spot in the heart of the city centre. We found this gem whilst frantically looking for breakfast on the first day of our trip. Hanger was setting in, google maps was doing everything in its power to challenge our patience & we were loosing all hope of surviving, (slight exaggeration), we didn’t give up & Bazzar was worth all the hanger tears 😉

A breakfast, well a brunch by this time, of continental dreams. With an English menu at hand,  I ordered the vegetarian breakfast & Carlos ordered the big breakfast. Both came with a basket of croissants, breads, honey, marmalade, jam, & a plate of every possible kind of cheese with a small pesto tomato salad. Carlos also had a selection of hams with his big breakfast. The perfect start to our trip, so perfect we decided to go back again the next day!

P.S. Great soya cappuccino too!


Market on Carlsplatz Dusseldorf

Endless options, endless varieties of food places to eat. You can fill your foodie soul with falafel, kebabs, German sausage rolls, Italian, Turkish, Lebanese, even salads, curries, fruits & veg. This market has it all & the best part you can really get a feel for the local culture. Dusseldorf is the fashion city of Germany, very wealthy & the locals are no different. What I loved the most is that even the suited & booted took themselves to the local market to indulge in the amazing cuisines during lunch. Which happened to also mean standing whilst eating at one of the market stalls.

A real cultural experience!



Cha Chã Street Thai Kitchen

Thai cuisine is by far one of my faves! I also love that Thai food is great for catering for vegetarians too. We also found this restaurant by chance whilst exploring the city. In fact we saw it in the morning on our way to the market but made sure to go back for dinner. We both got the dinner menu which included a starter, main & dessert for less than €20 each.

We pretty much waddled home after but with zero regrets!

I really recommend the trying the coconut soup, the seitan yellow curry noodles & of course the sticky rice dessert!

Frozen Yogurt 

YOMARO Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yoyo is my thing especially when the sun comes out so when Carlos shouted me over the street in-front of a crowd of locals I knew he had a good reason…… YAMARO!

Every topping imaginable & vegan frozen yogurt = total bliss!


Rösterei VIER

Hands down one of the best cuppa coffees I have ever had! There are no words you simply need to just go & try this coffee!


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