I can’t believe this is my first workout post of 2018.

Last week when I was writing down my goals for the year ahead I never thought a day a later I would end up couch bound for a week due to a foot injury in the gym. I have had to take my first week of the year off from the gym! Life works in mysterious ways but I am so happy I’m not out of action for too long. Luckily my foot is on the mend & I’ll be back training my lower body in no time at all.

Until then – hello biceps! My poor arms will either thank me or hate me come next week.

I want to share with you how I am still getting some at home training done despite hopping around the house like a rabbit all day. Below you will find two circuits I did during the week.

Feel free to add any of these circuits or both to your gym workout, home workout or where ever suits you!

So grab yourself a pair of plates or dumbbells & let’s get started!

You can click into the link to simply download your workout or screen shot the images below!

Active With Ella Upper Body Plate Workout


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