Earlier this week I put a poll on my Instagram asking my lovely Insta besties what workout they wanted to see from me!

Well my beauties your wish is my command & here is my 1st upper-body workout for you all! So grab yourselves a couple of dumbbells, a mat, & let’s get started!

This is an upper body workout & absolute shoulder burner with 3 circuits to completed three times each. Within each circuit there is three exercises which you must complete one after another with no rest. Never worry I’ve allowed you take a small break between each circuit set. I know I’m too good 😉

And don’t forget the finisher! I promise your shoulders & arms will be feeling great after…… #ilie

Below you’ll find the workout with a PDF file & easily screenshotted images! What can I say I love providing you with content to make your fitness journey as easy as possible so enjoy & let me know how you get on!

Here is the PDF link to the workout: Active With Ella Upper-body Dumbbell Workout


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