A lot has happened over the last few weeks. I feel like I’ve left you all so much out of the loop for so long that I don’t know where to start.


Grab yourself a cuppa & let’s just get stuck in.. 

Update 1: 

For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram you probably don’t know that I’ve found myself a fitness coach. I know you may be thinking but “Ella, why? You are a PT”.

Well!!! Here is why I’ve gone & got my own…

 As a trainer I honestly believe you can never stop learning & growing in your job/lifestyle. I have searched for nearly 4 years for someone to inspire me enough to hire as my own personal trainer. Of course, I have seen people on Instagram but usually these kind of “fitspos” live half away across the world. Recently I started as a PT in a gym here in Rotterdam & it is here that I found Rudy Fortes. He is seriously incredible at his job but most of all his ability to motivate & push you to make every session your best is exactly what I needed. I’ve never felt the crazy need to push my body to the extent of pure adrenaline bliss rushing through every part but since starting my training with Rudy I’ve realised I definitely was at a complete stand still with my own training & now even just 4 weeks in I feel so much stronger!

You can follow my @activewithella Instagram for regular videos & updates of my own fitness journey!

Update 2: 

 I am increasing my food intuitively & reducing my caffeine intake. Why? To increase my energy, prevent anymore vertigo & become stronger both mentally & physically. I am upping my food intake because basically I’m training harder than ever before. My metabolism has always been rapid & since starting my training with Rudy my metabolism is even faster. Plus my body needs the fuel in order to recover & rebuild the muscle after each intense workout. One thing I am particular watching is that I am including an adequate amount of protein with each meal. I am not tracking! I am simply listening to my body & if I’m hungry OR feel low in energy OR that my body isn’t recovering fast enough I know that I need to eat more.  Food is fuel!


Update 3:

I started another job. Not only am I a personal trainer but I also started a new job in a data marketing research company. I can’t say too much yet because I only started this job last week but so far I am really enjoying it. More on that in a few shifts time but I am keeping my fingers crossed that all be well.


Update 4:

I am going travelling. Over the next few months ( 3 to be exact) I am going to be doing quite a bit of travelling. Which means you’ll be seeing a lot of how I manage to keep fit whilst enjoying & exploring the open world.

Here is where I will be going over the next few months:

* Ireland


* Vietnam ( with my boyfriend)


*Thailand (with my best London babe, Daisy May for the KO8 fitness retreat.

I am so happy to finally share all my news with you & I hope you will stick around for all the exciting future travel & fitness posts!

If you have any recommendations of places to see in any of the places I have mentioned above or any advice for an easy travel please feel free to comment below or contact me on Instagram! I must admit I feel a tad bit nervous for the long flights & would love to hear any tips you may have for me so I don’t bail out last minute…


Until Next Time, Ella xxx


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