The Way I Train

Tis the story of the fitgal life of Ella!

My training is very diverse & constantly changes but there are a few things I like to always keep the same!


Where do I train? 

Normally I will always train in a gym. I like to train surrounded by motivated people because I find that this pushes me most.

Don’t get me wrong I hate a crowded, sweaty gym but if it’s just me & a few other people I really can notice an improvement on how hard my session goes.

A positive energy is a fitgal essential & I am someone who thrives of others people’s vibes so I love to train in a fitness environment.

On a weather depending occasion I will also train outside. I like to mix up my workouts every now & again so sometimes I’ll do a body-weight HIIT outside or at home.

BUT you will rarely find me doing my cardio in a gym. I used to be the cardio queen but now I simply use my two little legs & off I go walking everywhere instead of taking any form of transport.

I simply do not enjoy using cardio machines in the gym except for the death by the stair-master. If there’s a stair-master in the gym I will always give it some Ella attention.

My training time? 

Incase you didn’t already guess by my Instagram page or if you don’t follow me on Insta (get on that btw) I am 110% a morning gal!

I LOVE THE MORNINGS! There is something about waking up before everyone else in the house that gets me up at the crack of dawn.

So naturally breakfast is my favourite meal of the day & on my training days I usually go to the gym pretty soon after my morning bowl of oats!

Recently I’ve been out the door before the sun even rises & in the library by 8am. I’ll take a break around 9-10am & this is when I’ll go to the gym.

Sometimes if I’m working I’ll go to the gym after lunch around 2-3pm but I will NEVER & I repeat NEVER go to the gym in the late evening.

I really don’t enjoy working out in the evening. It wakes up my body & mind too much & I’m just not built to be a night-owl.

The evening is my time to chill out, wind down, refuel, & get my beauty sleep!

My workouts usually last between 45 – 90 minutes!

This depends on how I’m feeling that day, the type of workout, the time I have available or If I’m enjoying my session I’ll often add another exercise or two!

Type of training I do? 

Over the last year I’ve spent a lot of my time watching videos of other fitgals on Instagram & taking inspiration for my own workouts.

I found my main woman, Alexia Clark, in March of this year. (If you don’t follow her – are you even fit life potential)

She has honestly changed my workouts & completely upped my game big time!

I am the strongest I’ve ever felt. 

My training is now based on functional strength using controlled movement, focusing on form & technique.

Functional strength basically involves performing work against resistance.

It focuses on improving strength that will enhance a person’s daily life & make daily activities easier to perform.

It does this by training to enhance the coordinated working relationship between the nervous and muscular systems.

Therefore I don’t focus on lifting heavy weights, instead I use a weight that sustains my form but still makes my body shake.

I always perform mobility stretches at the beginning of every session including walk out planks, the runners stretch, a low squat with a hold, etc!

I usually keep between 10-15 reps for each exercise & I often work in circuits working the full body. Circuits are performing exercises one after each other without rest.

I do not follow anyone else’s guide. Instead I wing it & write down my weekly workouts at the start of the week or just before walking in the door of the gym.

What can I say – I’m not exactly organised!

My training days? 

I train 3-5 times a week.

Usually Monday, Wednesday & Friday I will do my own full body workouts & lately on Tuesday & Saturday I’ve started going to yoga to stretch myself all out.

What Equipment do I use? 

I rarely use fixed gym machines.

I’m a bit of a free bird & I try to base my workouts on free weights like dumbbells, kettle-bells,  medicine balls, TRX bands, pretty much all the equipment a functional wannabe would use!

Yeah I am that annoying gym girl standing on a half ball testing out my balance.

Why? because I bloody well enjoy working out that way that’s why! Not because I want to look cool but because that is how I LOVE TO TRAIN!

I really don’t enjoy using fixed gym machines except for a small few.

I like to feel free & able to move my whole body!

I will use a squat rack, some cable machines , & a lat pull-down machine because personally I do find these effective for my training especially for certain areas like the triceps & biceps.





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