Kickstart 2018 on the beach with this sweaty HIIT workout!

I hope you all had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS full of laughter, fun & food!

If you’re like me & have spent the last couple of days horizontal with a box of Quality Streets at your side then you are probably craving a good workout.

So let me help you get your heart rate going & the blood pumping with my sweaty beach HIIT workout!

I did this workout on St.Stephen’s Day on the beach beside my house & I honestly enjoyed every moment of it.

I think all of the Christmassy treats was the best fuel for such an intense workout & although I have absolutely no regrets of the amount of amazing food I ate I must admit moving my body really helped me beat the bloat & prepare for another day of yummy treats!

So if you are feeling sluggish & exhausted after the Christmas bulge don’t worry.

My best advice for you is not to feel an ounce of guilt, try to move your body in some way & simply move on!

You can always try this workout in your garden or in a park if you don’t have access to a beach & repeat the workout 2-3 times.


You can download the workout here: ACTIVEWITHELLA SWEATY BEACH HIIT



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