For those of you who don’t know I was brought up as a country girl in County Donegal in Ireland. I never used to be the fitness freak I am today. In fact I hated sport growing up but since going to university & discovering the gym my lifestyle has completely changed direction.

Now I love staying active. I rarely sit still & love moving my body in any shape or form.

Living in the city has transformed my fitness routine. I’m like a small fish in a very big pond exploring every hidden gym & health cafe around. I love the fitgal city life but when going home to the hills of Donegal (the middle of nowhere) I sometimes feel it pushes me off balance. All of that home food comfort & lazing around can easily get the better of you.. believe me I completely understand!

So here are my top tips for staying active whilst living in the country… 

1. No Equipment HIIT Workout

I think a lot of us seem to think that working out can only be done in the gym. It really isn’t that complex & actually I’m here to tell you that working out can be done at home, on the beach, outside or wherever suits you without any equipment needed at all.

Above I’ve shared an at home HIIT workout I did when I was back in Donegal last weekend. HIIT workouts are intense bursts of exercise at maximum effort given followed by short recovery periods. For example with this workout I did each exercise for 45 seconds with 100% effort & I rested for 15 seconds. I completed each exercise with this technique for 3 sets whilst also taking a 1 minute break before moving on to the next exercise. This type of training keeps your heart rate up & can help burn fat for hours after!

2.Walk, Walk, Walk

Living in the country means there is no excuse to sit around all day. Get your wellies on & get yourself outside. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise in my opinion. One thing I love/hate about Donegal is that it is full of windy roads & hills for days but on the positive side this is great for working up a sweat & keeping active whilst living in the country!

3. Get Out For A Jog

Similar to above the country is a perfect place to go for a morning jog! Get up a little earlier & raise your heart rate but the best part about jogging in the country you’ll never get tired of the view (I won’t mention the hills though).


The countryside can often be surrounded by hills, mountains, forests, beaches, parks, castles, etc. All of these opportunities are the perfect excuse to do something active! Climb a mountain, hiking, surfing, explore the forest parks & open fields.

5. Help Your Dad In The Garden

Everytime I make a trip back home, my dad has me out in the garden cutting hedges, lifting rocks, digging,  or collecting the turf & coal for the fire. Give a helping hand to your dad or mum or who ever is at home with housework or in the garden & you’ll see those steps flying up! I promise!


I hope that my tips for staying active whilst living in the country have inspired you to get moving! Staying active isn’t difficult & it honestly can be done anywhere!

Simplicity is key! 

Until Next Time, Ella xxx


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