This is definitely “A please sir, may I have some more” moment!.

When I was a child I used to live off my dad’s soups for the baltic Irish winter. I remember getting off the old swilly bus everyday after school at 5pm in the freezing cold & pitch black craving my papa’s homemade veggie soup.

I guess you never truly grow up because even now when I leave the gym in the Dutch winter I’m still wishing for a big bowl of something warm. Only this time I’m the one cooking!

I spent the weekend experimenting in the kitchen with the help of my Spanish boyfriend (lets’s just say we definitely clash in the kitchen). He’s a gourmet Spanish cook & I’m simply Irish!. Says enough I guess!

We got ourselves a bunch of carrots, some spices & seeds & it went from there! No packet stock & no precooked ingredients! Just your simple home cooking at it’s finest with a lot of trial & error! This is one of the best carrot soups I have ever had!

This is more of a carrot puree than a liquid soup & it is pretty dense. So be warned if you want to make a big batch of this soup you’ll need to double, maybe even triple the ingredients. It is sweet & easy on the tummy & the roasted sesame seeds & pumpkin seeds really do perfect it so don’t go without!

I’ll be very honest & admit that we did not measure the spices we put in. We did try but to put it bluntly it turned out yuck & went straight down the kitchen sink! So instead we started again & used the taste test. You’re best to add the spices once you puree the carrots & add the almond milk. Start off by adding a small amount of each spice (but go easy on the nutmeg) & simply add more to your taste if needed. The taste test works magic & is the best way to tell if you need more, salt, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg……..etc!.

Trust your own instincts & enjoy! <3


Here is what you’ll need: SERVES 2

6-8 large peeled carrots

Spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, chilli flakes, thyme, black pepper & sea-salt.

A drop of almond milk

TBSP of coconut oil

TBSP sesame seeds

TBSP pumpkin seeds



  1. Wash, peel & chop the carrots into medium chunks.
  2. Place the carrots into boiling water with a pinch of sea salt & leave until softened. (Use a fork to mash one of the chunks to check if they are soft enough).
  3. Once the carrots can be easily mashed remove them from the water & place them into a large bowl. Save one large glass of the stock (the boiling water).
  4. Add 1/4 cup of almond milk & coconut oil to the bowl & use a hand-blender to blend the carrots until pureed & there are no chunks of carrot left. (add some of the remaining stock if the mixture is too dense for you but I did not do this!).
  5. Add the spices, black pepper & sea-salt. Start by adding a little of each spice, blend again, taste, & add more to taste if needed.
  6. Heat a dry frying pan on low heat. Add the sesame seeds & pumpkin seeds to the pan & roast for a couple of minutes until golden brown.
  7. Pour your pureed soup into a bowl & top with the roasted sesame & pumpkin seeds.

Get cosy & ENJOY! 

If you give this carrot recipe a try make sure to tag @activewithella on instagram with your creations & leave a comment below!

I love to hear your feedback!


Ella xxx


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