Ella’s Guide For Nut Butters

I have a slight obsession with nut butter especially peanut butter.

Those who follow my Instagram will know the extent of my undying love for peanut butter. I rarely go a single day without a spoonful from the jar of my all time favourite & key ingredient to ultimate happiness – ManiLife deep roasted peanut butter.

However, recently I found myself broadening my nut butter horizons & trying out other brands. I’ve even gone as far as cheating on my daily spoon of peanut butter with almond butter & even crazier almond & coconut butter!

But it doesn’t stop there….

Here are my top faves at the moment

No.1  ManiLife Deep Roasted Peanut Butter

No peanut butter quite compares. It is what I like to call peanut butter perfection! You simply cannot get better than this jar of deep roasted crunchy & smooth all at the same time deliciousness! The deep roasted peanuts is what makes Mani stand out from all other peanut butters! One spoon is packed with an intense roasted flavour & the saltiness is simply spot on! The texture has a perfect consistency of both creamy & crunchy!

I first encountered ManiLife at an event in London & it was on this trip I had to book a suitcase onto my flight just so I could take home the kilos of ManiLife’s deep roasted peanut butter I had bought.  It is by far my favourite peanut butter on the block & I have a strong feeling that this will never change!

No.2  Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter

Last summer I took the leap & decided it was time to broaden my nut butter horizons! Which brings me to Pip & Nut & their amazing coconut almond butter. I was pretty skeptical to cheat on my all time favourite, peanut butter but Pip & Nut’s coconut almond butter makes me very happy that I did. It has the perfect combination of both sweet & savory. I usually find almond butter quite dry & bland but the coconut adds a sweetness leaving you with no option but to spoon from the jar….

No.3  Mister Kitchen’s Zeezout Karamel (Caramel Sea-salt) /

One of the best things my move to Rotterdam has brought me is that I have found Mister Kitchen’s jars of peanut butter’s in the local Rotterdam market. I found myself in the market being caught by my boyfriend taste testing about a dozen different Mister Kitchen’s peanut butters and leaving with three new jars to add to my collection. One of these being the jar of caramel sea-salt. My personal favourite along with many more. There were endless flavours to choose from, from caramel sea-salt, coffee, orange & raisin, chilli, to chocolate. I was honestly spoilt for choice & left feeling I wanted one of every flavour but I had to compromise & left with caramel sea-salt, coffee sea-salt, & caramel chocolate. All of which taste exactly like what they say are & more!

No.4 M&S Hazelnut Chocolate 9.5/10

Two words – chocolate heaven!

Not the rawest or healthiest choice for your typical fitgal but this is WOW WOW WOW! I never thought about going into Marks & Spencer’s solely to buy chocolate spread until I went to Wales last month. My family had this in their kitchen & I couldn’t help but grab a big spoon one morning which meant a trip to M&S & extra hazelnut chocolate weight for the suitcase. This is the best chocolate spread I have ever tasted. It truly is chocolate heaven & if you are lucky enough to live near an M&S do me a favor and send me some more!!!

No.5 Pip & Nut Almond Butter

I am simply not the biggest almond butter fan but this has got to be my favourite pure almond butter out there. I’ll always be a peanut butter gal at heart but this almond butter has the perfect smooth consistency. Plus you can also buy it in little sachets to moderate portion size & carry with you for a quick on the go snack.

No.6 Homemade Hazelnut Butter

It may be homemade & I should probably be tooting my own horn but I just don’t like hazelnut butter as much as I love peanut butter so sorry Els this one is just not for you! I did love my own homemade peanut butter but I ate it all so hence the no photo but my boyfriend loves pure hazelnut butter & we made this one together. Although he loves it, it just ain’t for me! In my opinion it needs a little extra sea-salt because it tastes bland & lost flavour as time has gone by!

Lotus Speculoos Spread

Ok I know I know… this is not a nut butter but it definitely is a spread & it has to be recognised in the post! It is absolutely mouth watering, packed with yummy flavour (maybe not nutrients but flavour) and that is all that matters!

Who doesn’t love Lotus biscuits, who doesn’t love Lotus spread!

 Have a gorgeous weekend everyone! 

Ella xxx


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