How Do I Stay Motivated?

Have you ever felt burnt out, tired, & demotivated!

The feeling of doing any sort of exercise is tiring in itself & all you want to do is indulge in every piece of chocolate in sight.

Yes! Believe me when I say this happens to me too!

Here is my best advice for getting your mojo back & how I manage to keep on keeping on…


When I start to feel run down, tired & unmotivated my top tip for getting back on track is to simply rest! Your body is trying to telling you “Hey slow down I need to catch up” & listening to these signs is just as important as working out. I know that after a day or two of just chilling my body will thank me for it & my inner monkey will come back with a bang & ready to rock again! Take time to sleep, do the things you enjoy, read a good book, have a nice hot shower & most of all get your Zzzz’s because sleep is one of the most important aspects of recovery & keeping energy levels up.


This one has worked for me time & time again.

I am someone who gets bored very easily especially in the gym so I always know that when I start to feel demotivated to workout it is time to spice things up a little. Last month I found myself hitting that so called fitness wall. Instead of using it as an excuse to take time off from the gym, I used it to my advantage. I started swimming & trying out boxing. I didn’t realise how much I could love exercise that didn’t involve dumbbells. Now I’ve not only learned something new but I’ve also found a love away from my normal fitness routine.

So give that class you’ve always wanted to try a go, go for a run around the block, start swimming, boxing, tennis, go for a big walk, workout at home instead of the gym or vice versa, try a new trainer or workout plan & get the fun back into your fitness routine.


Where do I find my encouragement?

I watch YouTube videos of my fave fitgals or lifestyle bloggers that motivate me & lift me up.

My favorites are: Sarahs Day, Elle Darby, Lauren Tickner, Lisa Dee Fitness, Zanna Van Dijk, Tally Rye & Erika Fox from Retro Flame. These girls always manage to put a smile on my face and encourage me to work hard for what I want everyday. It’s funny that although you may not know someone they can inspire you so much to just be you!

The art of social media is amazing!

I also find encouragement by reading. If you would like a post on my top fave motivational books make sure to leave me a comment below! <3


Whether you enjoy eating on your own or with a group of friends when I’m feeling a little down & unmotivated I take myself out for a coffee or brunch. Something about sitting in a cafe or restaurant surrounded by yummy food & people really does have a way of bringing me straight back up again & running to the gym. Not because I ate too much (although maybe a little) but because the energy of being surrounded by people, eating amazing food truly gives me that boost to keep on keeping on!


Nothing works quite as well to get a gal motivated to rock to the gym than a pair of new leggings.

Hell yes! I love treating myself to new gym gear & no matter what I always feel a big boost of confidence when wearing my new fashun in the gym. So girls & guys sometimes save up those extra pennies & treat yourself every once in a while especially when you start to feel the can’t be bothered attitude creeping up.


Yes feeling demotivated can also affect your appetite. My best advice don’t give yourself the choice of eating foods that are severely processed. Personally these foods send me down the path of “I can’t be bothered” & I loose all motivation to do any exercise. I also end up craving more processed foods & so the downhill spiral begins.

Fill your cupboards with wholesome ingredients that are packed with nutrients & health benefits. This always makes me feel motivated to create meals in the kitchen that are delicious & give me the best energy.


Next week I will be sharing my weekly trip to the local market. This is the place I always stock up on my fitgal life essentials for keeping a balanced healthy lifestyle.
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Lots of love, Ella xxx






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