Active With Ella has become my place to share not just my fitness lifestyle but also my hacks to an easier more productive, motivational & delicious way of living. My page has grown a lot since my first post & I feel myself wondering towards more lifestyle with fitness posts because this has more meaning to me especially as fitness is no longer my whole life & simply just a part of it!

Which brings me to this post. Today I woke up feeling tired & sore from yesterday’s training. I usually have at least one week like this in a month. This week is the week leading up to the dreaded girl time. Lately, my periods have been making me feel extremely hormonal, tired, weaker in the gym & pretty much an emotional drama queen. This always happens around one week before my period begins.  So, as you can imagine I lose the will to be productive & all my sh** hits the fan!

When this happens I try my best to carry on with my normal routine & in this post I want to share my number one hack to how I manage to start my day as a productive little Ella.

Productivity can be challenging. I know. I understand. I feel your pain. I have days when I feel useless, nothing seems easy & I give up without even trying. During these moments I also have moments of madness & my mind clicks into “Ella, get your sh** together mode”! One of my major hacks to getting my sh** together is my ever so faithful morning routine!

Here is how my morning usually goes down…

I nearly always (no matter if I haven’t slept great) get up between 6:30am – 7:30am. My body clock is in tune with this hour & I automatically wake up. I try my best to jump straight out of bed without looking at my phone. Instead I will use my Fitbit to tell me the time.

I then go to the toilet & have a quick shower. I get dressed, having planned my clothes the night before, & either head out for a morning jog or go straight for my breakfast. This depends on my energy but usually I try to job around 2-3 times a week.

Once I am in the kitchen I will prepare my all time go to oats with some kind of fruit to top (blueberries, raspberries, banana) & of course ManiLife deep roasted peanut-butter. Lately, I have also been replacing my oats with a 3 egg omelet & mushrooms or peanut butter on rye toast. Again, this depends on my cravings & I always listen to what my body wants.

I will then sit with my breakfast, my Hello Day planner, & write down my 3 main goals for the day.

After completing my little major morning tasks I will look at my phone & watch Instagram stories or reply to Whats-app whilst finishing the rest of my breakfast.

And that is my early morning routine. Simple, easy & productive! 


Until Next Time, Ella xxx


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