What a few weeks it has been since starting with my own fitness coach.

I’ve learned, I’ve grown, & I’ve become a whole lot stronger!

At the end of April I began to train with Rudy Fortes, a personal trainer at the Health City gym in Rotterdam. I pricey investment but I have never looked back. Sometimes breaking the bank is worth it & in this case I have never been more sure with a decision that has had such a high price tag attached!

What I’ve learned:

*  Possibly the most valuable & important thing I have learned on this fitness journey is how much I did not push myself on my own. I realise you should not become completely reliant on your trainer but honestly I needed this push to see the extent of how far I can actually go whilst training. Rudy has taught me that your girl is strong. All I needed was someone to believe in me in order to see my own full potential.


My upper body is my biggest test. Every….DAMN….time! I used to think my shoulders were strong but hey I was wrong. I’ve come along way since our first workout & my shoulders are definitely stronger. My triceps are a different story… but we’re working on it! I can’t diss myself too much because I’m pretty strong for a little lady & boy am I proud as punch with my progress.


I can sweat. I’m going to be very honest here. I rarely ever broke a sweat in the gym but since starting my training with Rudy I leave every single workout as a big sweaty mess! Believe me the sweat is most definitely real & I actually kind of love it!


*  You have to eat! In this case I think as my body as a car. A car cannot run without fuel. Your body works in exactly the same way. Eating the best & nutritionally dense foods is so important but what is more important is eating enough!!! Over-training & under-eating simply does not work. My training is hard which means my meals are harder! My diet is rich in veggies, complex carbs, healthy fats, protein, natural sugars & my little treats to keep me sane.


Rest is essential.  Rest days are one of the biggest lessons I have learned on this fitness journey. After going back to Ireland for some family time, cuddles with Peanie Potter & very little hardcore training, I came back stronger! This is the proof I needed to realise my body is a temple & giving it the time to recover is just as important as working out!


At the end of the day this is a lifestyle for me not a diet.


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Until Next Time, Ella xxx


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