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Like everyone in the world I’ve had to go through some major life adjustments over the last few weeks. I had no intention of sharing what is working for me or how my routine has changed over this time in lock-down but over the last week or, so I’ve been suffering a lot with my anxiety and overthinking. There has been some parts of my new daily routine that have really helped me mentally. The reason I wanted to finally share this is because I know that these small little things I do may also help someone else.



During lock-down I have started implementing 10-15 minutes of morning yoga into my day. Personally I have really been enjoying waking up and the first thing I do in the morning is grab my yoga mat and complete 10 minutes of morning yoga or stretches. For me those first steps I make in the morning have quite a big impact on my mood for the day. I have been following a 30-day challenge of morning yoga with Kassandra on YouTube. The challenge consists of only 10 minutes of yoga each morning. I think this is the reason why I am loving this new addition to my day so much. It is only 10 minutes of my day which lifts my mood so I have no excuses.

I’ll be honest with you all I do love moving my body in many ways such as lifting weights, walking, Pilates, even HIIT but yoga is the one thing that doesn’t come easy for me so only having to complete 10 minutes makes it a whole lot easier and achievable.




I mentioned this one in my last post but honestly I have no idea why it has taken me this long to start listening to podcasts. A couple of weeks ago I left the house for my morning walk & decided to listen to a podcast by one of my favourite Youtubers, Sarah’s Day & her partner, Kurt. The podcast is called “The Health Code”. I’ve always watched Sarah’s YouTube videos but never listened to her podcast. I love her and Kurt’s positive attitude to life and growth. I spent my whole walk laughing, smiling & agreeing with everything they spoke about regarding life in quarantine and making the most out of the situation. From there, I started listening to more and most days on my morning walk I now listen to a Podcast that focuses on mental health, positive life outlook, fitness & health.


For motivation & a laugh – 

How we are dealing with social isolation & motivation | P.S Kurt is SO RUDE!

 The Health Code – Podcast – Podtail






For forming new habits – 

BJ Fogg: The Secret to Making New Habits Stick

Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee Podcast | Free ... 







For mental health & a cry (P.S Thank you to my friend, Meg, for sharing this with me, this episode is probably my favourite of all time)  –

S4, Ep4 How to Fail: Mo Gaw


SPECIAL EPISODE! How to Fail: Mo Gawdat on how to cope with ...









For some time I have wanted to take up painting. I remember back a few months ago watching a video of Bob Ross on YouTube and thinking how easy he made it look. For a long time I have used colouring books but never have I painted since school. On the first day we were told to stay in lock-down I decided to get myself some paints and a sketchbook and since then me and Bob have become the best of friends.

In seriousness, I really cannot recommend finding yourself a creative hobby during this time, especially, if you’re like me & start itching for things to do after 5 minutes of sitting on the couch. If there is something you have always wanted to try like painting, learning to play an instrument, cooking, creating YouTube videos, photography, learning a language, or whatever it is, now is the time. The world is quite literally giving us a chance to breathe again. In a world where life is go go, we can no longer go and have the opportunity for self discovery and development.




Over the years time passes so quickly and many people come and go throughout our lives. It has taken a lock-down of the whole world for me to realise how much some of these people impacted my life and how much I miss them. The happiest memories of the last few weeks is the re-connection phone calls with these familiar voices.  

So my final and most important lock-down tip is to reconnect. Whether it is a simple hello through WhatsApp or a 3-hour Zoom call don’t forget that the person you’re thinking about could well be thinking of you too or maybe that person needs a reminder of who you are.


These are the things that have helped me a lot over the last few weeks. Some days have been a bit harder than others but I’ve tried my best to do at least one thing from this list to boost my mood everyday.

I would love to hear what is helping you during this time too. Please feel free to leave a comment below and share your mood boosters.


All my love & big hugs,

Ella xxx

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