The last couple of months have been unforgettable. I never expected to be where I am today this time last year. I am now living in London, in one of the cities first communal living spaces & working for Lululemon. My new life in London started off a tad bit rocky but I don’t want to get into too much detail. Taking the first job I found proved to be the wrong path for me but I can’t help but feel I am finally heading in the right direction.

We moved to London nearly two months ago. Wow! Where have those months gone?! 

Home Life

I spent most of August looking for a place to live. We weren’t picky. In fact, we simply wanted to find a standard double room with all of the basics but life has a way of taking you on adventures you never imagined to be possible! I remember dreaming about finding a serviced living space but with our budget I didn’t believe it would ever happen. 

Turns out, anything is possible!

I spent endless hours scrolling on the website SpareRoom & applying to everything in sight. At this point I had lost track of the amount of requests I had sent and when I had a reply from a place called the Collective I didn’t think too much about it. I just thought to myself, here is another person replying with the same question; “when can you view?”. At this point I was still in Ireland & unable to hop on a plane to London to take every viewing. I googled “The Collective”, sat in disbelief at the possibility of finding such a gem and immediately sent it to my boyfriend. In my heart I knew I had found the “one”. A dream home but a very affordable reality too!  We exchanged messages  over Whatsapp & without too much hassle we signed a digital contract for 12 months without any viewing needed. It was simple, quick & so easy.

So what is the “Collective”? The Collective is London’s first communal living. I like to say it is similar to student living but for professionals too! A mix of cultures, ages, personalities living in the same area & embracing a community style living. In my own words the Collective is a place to find inner confidence to go out & make new friends who have a completely different life to you. It also happens to be absolutely beautiful. Every floor from the lobby to the hidden gems on each floor like the secret garden, the spa, the cinema room to the games room is packed with character & holds a special reason to why I am so in love with our new home. We are also lucky enough to have our own gym, a library and a small supermarket connected downstairs.

The gym is included along with weekly yoga, a Sunday morning bootcamp outside on the terrace, free drinks on Friday’s & free brunch on Sunday’s. Every week there is also daily activities such as games night, a language exchange, photography club & so much more. I have endless amount of love for this place & I’ll make sure to do a full post on everything the Collective has to offer in my next post.

Work Life

I’ve started a new job at Lululemon in the middle of October. It took me a couple of weeks to find the right place but I found it and I am now able to call myself a Lululemon Educator. I am over the moon with this path I am now walking. I didn’t go back to working as a trainer but maybe in time I will. At the moment I am exploring my fitness journey but in a different direction, the retail way.

I am still working in my active wear, I just happen to be selling it too & this is one of my favourite active wear brands. I literally sleep (slight exaggeration), gym, walk, live my whole life in my Lulu leggings. The only downside of working with this amazing brand is that my poor bank account will be loosing rather than gaining but you can’t have enough Lululemon in your life. My first day was so much fun. I was surprised by how natural it felt to be back on the retail floor & how much I actually missed it. This feels so right & I am so excited to grow in a company I feel so passionate about.

Training Life

At the start of October I began training at Evolve353 in Fulham, near Putney Bridge. I came to London feeling a bit lost with my training after a summer of travelling & Thailand. I missed the push we had on the KO8 trip & felt as though I couldn’t push myself in the same way .

I remembered hearing about Evolve & the amazing work the guys do down there! So, I contacted them & within a couple of days I was there doing a Saturday morning fun class. From that moment I knew I loved how personal this gym is. The guys are incredible at their jobs, correcting my form & technique, pointing out my weaknesses I didn’t know I had & focusing on movement & knowledge. I signed up for their 30 day challenge. With it I got weekly classes, semi personal training, valuable knowledge & expertise. I learned a lot in those 30 days. So much so I have decided to continue there as much as possible! 

I forgot to mention that working for Lululemon has so many perks; a part from the my tight knit Lulu family we are also given a sweaty pursuits card which allows me to try fitness classes & gyms around London. I am trying to take full of advantage of this opportunity & booking myself into classes I have been dying to try including yoga, pilates, ballet, & F45.

I am counting my lucky stars right now at what life is giving me & I feel so content. I cannot wait to explore this fitness capital, continue working for Lulu & growing in such a crazy but wonderful city!


I’ll do my very best to keep you all posted!


Lots & lots of love, Ella xxx


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