The big learning year that was 2017!

Well I guess that’s another year down the pan!

Wow! Does anyone else feel like it should still be August or is it just me! Every year seems to come & go faster than the last.

This year has definitely been a funny one for me! I’m sitting writing this & looking back at everything it really has made me realise how much I’ve actually learned & gained (life gains & muscle gains) this year.

I have two words to describe 2017 & these have got to be – learning & unsettled.

Lesson No.1 

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is one the best things you can do! This year I’ve done this over & over again – but I’ve literally only realised now!

I’ve traveled over & back to London numerous times ( to one of the busiest cities in the world) all on my lonesome & believe me I was terrified at first but now I’ve made a new place I’d like to call home & the big city no longer scares me! In fact I now love London! A place that the news gave me shivers now gives me butterflies & I did it all by myself. Although I may have got a little lost on the underground more than once but hey I’m still alive & the underground ain’t so bad!

I never thought I could go to such a well known fitness academy as the LDNM Academy in London to study to become a PT but I did it. I pushed myself & I achieved what I went there for & more! I made new friends, started an Instagram/ blog because of it & now I’m writing this post on my own website! Push yourself out of your comfort zone & you never know what could come from it!

Not only did I push myself personally but also physically too! I started experimenting with my training & I’ve now found my true love for functional based training. I’ve never felt stronger in the gym. Not because I can lift heavy but because my body has increased in mobility, form & technique & most of it all it is able to lift itself. This year I achieved a major goal of mine – to do a pull up & the fact that I can lift my own body makes me smile everyday!


Lesson No. 2 

Don’t be afraid of your own company!

I spent time on my own in cafes, restaurants, going to fitness events, meeting people in the fitness industry, in airports & you know what doing all of this on my own was amazing! I truly love spending time on my own. Learn to enjoy your own company. Don’t be scared of walking down the street without having your phone or someone there for comfort. Look a stranger straight in the eye & smile. Sit in a cafe on your own with no phone & watch what happens around you. Learn to love your own company.

Lesson No. 3

Food is not your enemy! Food is fuel & if you don’t eat life sucks! A diet will only work if you can stick to it.

The LDNM Academy has taught me that you do not need to cut anything out of your diet. Chocolate, sweets, crisps, fruit, veggies, meat, whatever it is is not going to make you put on or loose weight in moderation. The only thing that will help you loose, gain or maintain weight is through calories.

If you are simply eating more than your body needs (calorie surplus) you will gain weight / muscle!

If you are eating less than your body needs (calorie deficit) you will loose weight!

If you are eating the equal amount of calories to what to your body needs you will maintain weight!

If you want to eat chocolate everyday YOU CAN as long as it fits into your goals & calories!

It truly is like simple math! There is no need to complicate it or deprive yourself of anything you enjoy.

Lesson No. 4

Work hard & JUST DO IT!

Start a website – WORK HARD & DO IT!!

Start a blog – WORK HARD & DO IT!!

Start a course – WORK HARD & DO IT!!



Whatever it is you want to do – you have to WORK HARD & JUST DO IT.

Lesson No. 5

Life is bloody tough! There are people in this world that will simply take advantage of you. Let those people go & move on!

Finally Lesson No.6  

I’m ready to settle somewhere for a while.

I’ve basically spent the last 12 months living out of a suitcase. I’ve lived in 3 different countries but I could say 4 if you count the amount of weekends I stayed in London for my PT course at the LDNM Academy. Moving from place to place is one of the greatest ways to experience all that life has to throw at you but damn I am ready to be settled for a year. I am so ready to just chill out in one city & be in my own little place with my boyfriend, Betty Boo, a job, a home! Moving is fun but it is also exhausting. Pushing yourself is so important but also having a routine is just as important too! Something I need, I miss & I can’t wait to have again! Without pushing myself I would never have realised how much I thrive off having a routine!

I’ve learned all of this in 2017 & more but I wanted to share some of the major life lessons I have gained with you. I hope you enjoyed this post my gorgeous lot! I would love to hear what you have learned too. Please feel free to comment below any key things you have learned this year! <3

Lots of love

Ella xxx


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