I feel like I am forever living out of a suitcase!

Most of you may already know but for anyone reading this that may not know me too well over the last few years I have lived in Ireland, Scotland, Spain & the Netherlands (which is where I am calling home at the moment).

I will try keep this as brief as possible for you! So here is a very short recap of my life over the last few years. In September 2013 until June 2015 I lived in Scotland for university where I studied Fashion Communications. This was until I decided the fashion life just wasn´t for me & packed my life up in a suitcase & moved to a start a new life in the sun in Spain. Probably one of the best decisions I have ever made! No joke! Despite the fact I found my wee beauty that is my dog Peanie Potter there, I also learned a lot about myself living in a completely new city, new culture, new country on my own & I definitely grew up pretty fast in the short year I lived in Valencia. With a lot of tears & a very heavy little heart I decided to go back to Ireland in October 2016. Although I didn´t see it when I left Spain this was also one of the best decisions I have ever made because I probably would never have gone to the LDNM Academy to do my personal training course had I been in Spain with not much money & no way to support going back & forth to London.

In July of this year I went back to Spain after my PT course to spend the summer with my boyfriend (yes he is Spanish & yes we did meet in Spain).

So! I guess this brings me to now & what part of this crazy world I am living in at the moment.
Well, the answer is the Netherlands. Zeeland to be exact. I moved here in September to be with my boyfriend & although I haven´t lived here too long, I have managed to put my personal training career into action & bag myself an internship in one of the local gyms. I am also training in the only Juice Bar for miles & I absolutely love it! You can probably tell from my Instagram page I love food especially food that is packed with nutrition & fuels your body in the best way possible. So being able to train here is simply amazing & I have learned so much all ready. The owner of the Juice Bar really knows his stuff so I am 100% in the best place possible to learn & grow as a PT.

As you can tell making big decisions has become the regular thing for me & although I am not the biggest fan of the unknown & change I am learning that sometimes change is not only good but (brace yourself for some cheese!!) it is also so important to learn some of life´s most valuable lessons.

I have no idea where I will be living this time next year or even in a few months but right now I am taking everyday as it comes & as a girl who can barely sit for more than five minutes I am sure there is more adventure to come & fingers crossed the PT life will be a huge part of that!

So in real Dutch spirit!

Doei (BYE)

Ella x.

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