How I Increase My Energy

I often find that neglecting certain areas of my life has a huge effect on my energy levels.

Since starting my journey with fitness & health I have gone through an energy roller-coaster ride. From exercising excessively along with eating too little & to where I am now, I finally feel I have found what works the best for me & you could say I am pretty much always a big bundle of live wires.

Of course I have days where I feel low & just want to sit on my arse all day but most of the time I am a get-up & go kinda gal. I can honestly say I believe a lot of this is to do with my active lifestyle & love for wholesome nutritious foods.

Food, a good sleep, exercise & chilling out every once in a while are my top tips for increasing your energy.

So here is what works best for me:

1. Sleep

This is something that hit me in the face quite recently. If you follow me on Instagram you will know that towards the end of last year I had the worst sleeping troubles. My sleeping pattern was all over the place & I was pretty much a sleep deprived cranky mess everyday. I now believe this is something that was definitely stress related physiologically & also to do with the environment I was in.

A good night’s sleep is important for the body & the soul. Sleep allows the body to relax in order to recover & rebuild muscle & also sustain physical, emotional & mental strength. I am a true believer in the power of a good night’s kip.

A rough night’s sleep is often the main cause of a low energy spell for me. It causes me to feel groggy, moody as hell (seriously there is no talking to me if I’ve had a sleepless night), unable to complete even the simplest of  adult life’s tasks, & my creative side becomes one big grey cloud.

What I found has worked the best for me is having established a good sleeping pattern. I usually go to bed around the same time (10pmish) & I always, ALWAYS, wake up early (between 6-8am most mornings) This is what works best for me & I am 100000% a morning person!!!

So this is my first top-tip for you all… get your Zzzzs & make it a good one! I recommend going to the bed with a nice full tummy, keep the room dark, get yourself a good pillow, put the phone down, make sure the temperature is cool & count your sheep!

Night night!

2. Drink Up Your Water

Did you know that drinking water can help increase your energy? Why?

Well, our bodies are mostly made up of water. So basically without proper watering I always notice a major dip in my energy levels.

 Although water does not contain calories which means it does not give you energy directly so to speak but water is necessary for osmosis to take place which helps balance the nutrients your cells need in order to function properly and keep you going. So I can say that water indirectly helps improve my energy levels.

The moral of the story here is water is a key element to keeping my cranky Ella away.

3. Exercise

This is a big one for me! I know I am a personal trainer so you probably expected me to say this one. But seriously I cannot stress the importance of staying active & moving your body especially in regards to increasing your energy flow. Recently my own experience with this since starting my new training routine with my personal trainer is 100% evidence to me that exercise is one of the most important elements to increasing energy.  I always leave the gym after working out on a huge high & bursting with energy. Although I swear my way through each workout & nearly cry with every rep (watch my Insta stories for more) by the time I’m done I need at least 2 hours to allow the adrenaline buzz to calm down. This is due to the endorphins, the bodies natural hormones, that are released during working out.

One major thing I have noticed since starting training with my PT is that I feel like superwoman.  Adult life tasks feel like a breeze, my creativity is a colorful canvas & a walk around with a smile bigger than my face!

4. Eat The Rainbow

Again, a very obvious one coming from me. but cmon someone has to state the obvious & it may as well be me in this case!

My diet follows only one rule – eat for internal & external happiness! Which means I am nearly always bursting with energy except when I’m hangry. 80-90% of the time I eat wholefoods with lots of plant based protein, carbs for days & healthy fats. My diet is rich in veggies, complex carbs & fruit. Yes! I eat fruit & yes it does contain natural sugar. The other 20 -10% is time spent with my boyfriend, family, friends, or containing a very hormonal, cranky Ella.

I used to watch everything I ate, counting & worry about each calorie that past my lips but now my life is far beyond just that. You know this is when my energy was at its lowest point. Now I eat intuitively but I’m lucky that the foods I enjoy the most are so called “healthy foods” & therefore when I snack, I snack on fruit, healthy fats, & the odd carb. My energy has not felt better.

5. Vitamin D

I swear when the sun comes out everything & everyone becomes alive. Personally when I get a dose of Vitamin D I am bursting with positive energy. If the sun comes out so should you! Embrace the rays!

If that means booking yourself a holiday just to get it then go for it but Vit D can also be found in foods  – including fish, fish liver oils, egg yolks & fortified cereals – & a Vitamin D supplement.

6. Take A Shower

Not one you would think of but seriously this one works wonders for me. The first thing I do every morning is take a quick shower. Not only does it wake my body up but it sets me up for the day & puts my body in alert mode for adult life tasks. It has become my morning ritual & I now swear by a good shower to boost my energy levels.

So if you are feeling lazy & can’t be bothered getting on with your daily life tasks take some time to have a quick shower & if it works for you as much as me then you will be bouncing off the walls. Possibly a slight exaggeration but I promise it will help.

7. Surround Yourself With A Positive Tribe & Be Grateful

One of the most draining things I have found is being around negativity. Your vibe attracts your tribe & surrounding yourself with positive, happy people who you love is one of best ways to increase that positive energy.

Looking at the world & seeing the beauty in the simplest things is not only eye opening but I honestly believe it has a huge impact on increasing your daily energy.

8. Set Goals Everyday

Every morning I try my best to set myself small, achievable goals or tasks for the day.

I usually write down 3 goals like:

-Go to the gym

-Write an energy blog-post 

– Post my workout on Insta stories 

 Here you can see my goals are realistic, achievable & simple. Which in turn means ticking each one off will make me feel proud & happy with myself. My positive energy is then increased by the productivity & I end up completing more daily tasks I didn’t expect too! It is a domino effect which I find always creates a daily colorful canvas!


So in all let’s recap on my daily positive energy tips:
1st thing – After establishing a sleeping pattern, wake up, open the curtains, let the natural light enter the room, leave the phone down & instead of dreading your day ahead, think about how lucky you actually are & count all the things you have to be thankful for.
2nd thing- Call or talk to that one person who always brings a smile to your face when you are feeling low & I promise you will feel so much better!
3rd thing – Be grateful for that person, or that thing that makes you smile.
4th thing- Have a shower, eat a good breakfast & write down achievable goals for the day.
5th thing – Plan colorful, hearty, mind loving meals!
6th thing – Move your body! In the gym, outside, just do it!
7th thing – Drink, drink, drink – water is key! Invest in a reusable water bottle & make it your bestie, aka don’t let it leave your side!
8th thing – Get outside for at least 30-60 minutes for some extra vitamin D. Walk or cycle to work instead of taking the bus or car.


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