This is the most exciting chapter of my website & probably the main reason I’ve started my journey with social media. In January 2017 (this January passed) I took one of the biggest leaps to date & decided to enroll with the LDNM Academy in London to become a qualified personal trainer.


I started the course in April (around the same time I started my “Active With Ella” instagram page) and the whole course was 3 months long. I guess you could say it was the course that motivated me to start Active With Ella and I am so blooming glad I did!

I’m so happy I did this course to become a PT. It is something I had pictured but never did anything to make it happen. To be honest I never really gave the idea of becoming a personal trainer much thought simply because I never believed I could do it. Like teach someone how to squat…. I wasn’t even sure I could do it properly. The 2nd reason I never pursued becoming a PT is that I didn’t have £3000 to spare… I mean who does at only 24! Well anyone with a normal life anyway!

So in January while talking with my mama in the car ( you know one of them what the hell am I doing with my life kinda talks) we got chatting about the “dreaded future”. I began telling her about this course I was interested in but never imagined doing in the near future due to the fact that it was a hell of a lot of money for a pretty broke girl like myself & how could a girl who looks about 12 (I am 24 btw) teach someone how to lift the double of me. I mean was I even physically enough to be a PT….. all of these what if’s were playing with my damn yes’s and I was stuck in a rut of the no way could I be that….

P.S To study to be a PT you actually don’t need to be physically fit.. All you need is the passion & drive! And no one gives a hoot what you look like…. Babyface or not!

So together we worked out costs & with a bit of a self love talk we worked out a way that I could enroll to start my dream course in April. I first heard about this course through one of my biggest role models in the fitness industry.. Alice Liveing from Clean Eating Alice about 3 years ago. Around the same time I found my love for fitness. I’ve watched her grow into a Personal Trainer but never imagined myself to be one too!

But look at me now! I’ve completed my course at the LDNM Academy and I am officially a qualified Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor. I 100% would not do this course anywhere else. I’ve learned so much from the guys at this academy and made so many amazing friends. I’m not just learning about techniques and all of the technical stuff like putting together programmes for clients, nutritional info,  I’m also learning a lot about the truths behind the industry that we don’t see as much on social media. More of that to come…. And also I’m learning so much about myself. So much I didn’t realise. Like travelling to London on my own every two weeks. I used to be terrified of London now I’m whizzing around the place without a fear in the world and I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this but I LOVE LONDON! Going into the PT world London is by far one of the best places to do it! So all of that money I had to ask my mum for was so worth it! Thank you so much Mama, I am so unbelievably grateful!

So yeah you could say the fear of the unknown definitely has been keeping me back from fulfilling my true passion… Guys/girls all I can say to anyone who is going through the same thing….. STOP IT! JUST DO IT & DON’T LOOK AT THE SHOULDS OR COULDS… FEEL THE FEAR & BLOODY HECK DO IT ANYWAY!!


Lot’s of PT updates to come… #igotthis


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