Fitness Fitaal Vlissingen

Vlissingen is a small student city south of the Netherlands in the region of Zeeland.

For those of you who may not know from my Instagram I have spent some time in Vlissingen over the last few months & I was lucky enough to have done an internship in the Fitness Fitaal gym. Fitness Fitaal is right next to the University which makes it the perfect location for students but with clients of all ages Fitaal really can provide for everyone!

What I loved the most about my internship was the feeling of being a part of one big family. That’s the special thing about Fitaal. You will never step over the front door without a hello or a goodbye!

The gym is packed with high quality equipment for all types of training including strength, TRX, cardio kick-boxing, HIIT style training & cardio (yes they do have the death by the stair-master or why not run on the treadmill at your hearts content with a view of the dutch canal).

There are also endless fitness classes for everyone! From GRIT (high intensity training) to cardio kick-boxing to a more chilled out yoga session Fitaal has something for everyone! One of my personal favourites was the body balance class with a mix of yoga, pilates & tai chi.

So if you find yourself at the end of the Netherlands, wondering around Zeeland looking for a great gym with the best trainers, staff & a family to workout with then Fitness Fitaal is perfect place for you!

Make sure to grab a coffee on the way out too…. 

Lots of love Ella xxx


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