The Juice Bar Vlissingen, the Netherlands!

Who doesn’t love a fresh, 100% natural pick me up! I know I do & the Juice Bar in Vlissingen does just that.

The magical thing about the Juice Bar is it is not only packed with fresh, whole ingredient juices but Siamak (the owner) can tell you everything about what & why he is using each ingredient. His background knowledge of each vegetable, fruit, nut & seed is simply amazing & comes from living in the African jungle. I spent three months helping & learning here & my knowledge of food & combinations has dramatically improved.

The Juice Bar also provides it’s customers with healthy bites & treats like their homemade gluten free banana bread, raw chocolate truffles & dehydrated fruits.

If you’re looking for a post/pre workout snack or simply trying to naturally boost your immune system & improve health then the Juice Bar is just for you!


I feel very lucky to have spent time learning in the Juice Bar & I always look forward to my next visit!


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