Amada Coffee – A Bloggers Dream Cafe!

Hoogstraat 36, 3011 PR Rotterdam

I’m a sucker for good coffee.

I’ve always been the cappuccino kinda gal!  Ever since I started drinking coffee the cappuccino was my go to daily fix. I started off with the simple normal cappo but over the last year that soon turned to coffee with almond milk & now I like to sip on a creamy sweeter coconut milk cappuccino!

I often find it difficult to find cafes that can live up to my coconut milk coffee expectation but my search for the perfect coco capp wasn’t too hard to find here in Rotterdam.

Amada Coffee is now my weekend treat & place to go for coffee in my new city.

They nail the creamiest, sweet coconut frothy cappuccino & you can quite literally sip on your coffee while swinging into the day. Yes they have swings, actual swings, inside. I’m always going to be a big kid at heart so a cafe with swings & great coffee is definitely an Ella kind of place.

So if you find yourself wondering around Rotterdam looking for your daily caffeine fix make sure to give this place a try.

My advice don’t get this one to go, sit down & take the opportunity to release your inner child whilst swinging your coffee away.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! 

Lots of love, Ella xxx


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