Have I fallen off the band wagon?

I realise I haven’t posted anything fitness related on here or my Instagram for quite sometime now. You may be thinking I have fallen straight off the band wagon but the truth is I took some time off social media in the summer and after weeks of being out of my virtual routine I have found it difficult to go back. The truth is that my focus on posting has definitely gone off track but that doesn’t mean my fitness has.

The last time we spoke about my fitness routine I was living in Rotterdam and training with my amazing coach. I also posted on my Instagram about my recent trip to Thailand for the KO8 Fitness retreat. Since then, I’ve moved cities again to a place a little closer to home and a language I’m more familiar with, London. I’m living in one of London’s first communal serviced accommodation with my boyfriend including a gym, yoga, and a weekly boot-camp at my doorstep. Did I mention it is all inclusive!

I feel very lucky to be in this position but at the moment my focus is on finding a job to keep me here. Hence, another excuse not to post! I say excuse because that is exactly what it is. I easily could take 5 minutes out of my day to give you all an update but my heart just hasn’t been in it. As I am slowly finding my feet again in another city I feel my social inspiration perking back up.

I do feel somewhat guilty that I have neglected one of my biggest passions but I can’t force myself to create content that has no meaning or heart attached.

So, where is my fitness at?

Since coming back from the KO8 Fitness retreat my fitness routine has slightly changed & I have found myself loving new types of training. I realised on the retreat that my cardio fitness wasn’t the best it could be & I have been making some changes to improve this.

Here are the three ways I am working to do this: 

  • Weekly outdoor jogging/running – I’m not the best runner in the world but that’s exactly why I have introduced it into my weekly fitness goals. I try to run/jog 1-2 times a week first thing in the morning before having a second to think twice about it! I spend about 30 minutes running which is usually around 5-6 kilometers for me.
  • High Intensity circuit training – during the KO8 trip we completed 45 minutes of  KO8 circuit training most mornings. We did this using the KO8 equipment which is a full suspension harness with 6-72kg of adjustable resistance all rolled into one! The circuits usually consisted of 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of active rest for 45 minutes. Each circuit focused on explosive power exercises & functional training such as jump squats, push ups, medicine ball slams, burpees, kettle bell swings, and jump lunges. This type of training is not only great for increasing power & strength but I found it improved my overall fitness especially cardiovascular & that is why I am still including this type of  high intensity circuit training into my weekly routine. I have been trying to do at least 1 or 2 of these workouts a week.
  • Boxing/Muay Thai – who knew I could love something so out of my comfort zone! Going into my first muay thai class in Thailand I felt nervous & afraid of the unknown. I don’t consider myself an aggressive person so the idea of punching someone felt completely unnatural but after some practice, letting go of my insecurities, & simply allowing myself to have fun I loved it! A boxing warm up involves a lot of skipping, running on the spot, high knees, & basically working up a sweat so I can honestly say that boxing is my new favourite way to do cardio. I’m currently on the look out for a muay thai class to join in London but until then I’m including a few minutes at the end of each workout to use the gyms punching bag & skipping rope.

I’ve been feeling a lot better cardio wise since making these changes but I am still keeping up with my strength training too. On days where I feel like pumping some iron I tend to follow the “Move” guide by Natacha Oceane, one of my main inspirations in fitness. Her guide “Move” is packed with functional training & exercises I have never done before which is something that always keeps me motivated.

Finally, with all of this exercise I have realised how important it is to wind down & stretch so I have included daily yoga or stretching. I usually complete a YouTube yoga video with Adriene  or go to our free Monday morning yoga class in our complex. Yoga is something I find surprisingly difficult as my muscles are often tight & saw from training but after going to the KO8 retreat I learned the importance of stretching for mobility, form, muscle recovery & reducing physical & mental stress!


So! I hope that clarifies my recent disappearing act & I won’t promise too much but here’s to my first post back feeling more myself & ready to rock again!


Until Next Time, Ella xxx


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