There’s nothing quite like the sunshine with a small foil BBQ smoking up the balcony & gassing out your clothes after a long, cold winter.

As summer finally hit two weekends ago you can bet we ran to the shop, bought ourselves a foil BBQ & stocked up on lots of veggies.

The end result: vegetarian kebabs on the balcony with two little pigeon friends… lovely!

The recipe:

1 large courgette (cut into chunks)

Handful of mushrooms (washed & sliced in half )

2 large tomatoes (cut into chunks)

1 white large onion (sliced)

Selection of bell peppers – red, yellow, green (sliced)

1/4 pineapple cut into chunks

Sea-salt, black pepper, shoarma mix & olive oil to taste.

What to do:

 Thread all the veggies onto skewers & glaze with olive oil, sea salt, black pepper & the shoarma mix.

Cook for 25-35 minutes on the BBQ.


Voila & Enjoy! 

Until Next Time, Ella xxx



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