A little piece of chocolate heaven!

I think I may have found the tastiest gift to give to your fellow chocolate bestie for Christmas!

Yes these little dark chocolatey treats are so yummy & are completely refined sugar free & packed with whole ingredients.

Since I’m back home in all of my home comforts & the biggest kitchen I’ve seen in months I found the perfect time for some cacao experimenting.

This year I really wanted to give my family some of my own homemade Ella delicacies for Christmas!

I mean who doesn’t love food & who doesn’t love chocolate especially the healthier option!


What you’ll need:

Cacao butter – two large pieces melted

Cacao Powder – 4 TBSP

Maple Syrup – 2 TBSP

Almond Essence – 1 TSP

Coconut & Almond Butter or whatever nut butter takes your fancy!

Optional: Hazelnuts, Designated Coconut – or any other topping you want!

Small cupcake moulds.


What to do:  

Place the melted cacao butter, cacao powder, maple syrup & almond essence in a bowl & mix well until smooth.

Fill 1/3 of your moulds with the chocolate mixture.

Place a small teaspoon of nut butter in each mould on top of the chocolate.

Cover with the remaining chocolate.

Top with a hazelnut, designated coconut or whatever topping you choose!


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