A new website chapter!

I’ve decided with the help of my lovely Instapals to share with you the best places to eat & gym in the places I visit according to little me. Some of you may have noticed that my life is a bit all over the place & I think it is time to start taking full advantage of my travels &  provide you with some valuable on the go fitgal life hacks.

I truly love food & I honestly love to gym even whilst travelling so since the two always come in hand in hand for me I think it is important to stay true to my lifestyle with this website & there is no better way to do that than sharing with you the places I love to eat & workout whilst on the road.

I am so excited to start this new part of my website & I hope that my Ella finds will help you stay active with a happy tummy whilst exploring the big world.


It seems only right to start this new journey a little closer to home!

So my first & favourite place to eat in County Donegal in Ireland is Wholegreen Cafe in Letterkenny.

It is so hard to find a yummy more health conscious Vegan/Vegetarian/breakfast/brunch/lunch/coffee in Donegal. Living away from home & seeing other parts of the world has made me realise how much my little home county is still living back in the dark ages but this simpler life has made me appreciate the raw, organic, less material things in life & the smile on my face when I heard a more health food conscious cafe had opened in Letterkenny was bigger than that on Christmas Day. No matter what the occasion is for a trip back home I always manage to squeeze in a trip to Wholegreen!

If you’re looking for vegan, veggie, even meat comfort food Wholegreen is the best place to go. Their homemade veggie/vegan burgers with a variety of salads is my ultimate winner & go to post gym lunch.


Why not have a sneaky dessert with an almond milk cappuccino on your way out too. I promise their vegan bakes, cakes & energy balls (my personal fave) will send your taste-buds to health food heaven!

Thank you so much Wholegreen for spreading nutrient dense food love in Donegal! You have brought me so much food coma joy & I’m sure I will see you again very very soon! <3


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