Delftseplein 39, 3013 AA Rotterdam

Before my lifestyle completely changed I came to the Netherlands to visit my boyfriend in 2015. One of the first places we visited on that trip was Burgertrut in Rotterdam.

I remember we were staying in a boat hotel on the canal in Rotterdam near the market & we started scrolling frantically with hanger pains through our phones to find a healthy burger place to eat.

This was our first experience with Burgertrut & believe me there has been many more ever since. With a small menu of meat & non-meat burgers Burgertrut really does take quality over quantity to a new level. My boyfriend is a meat eater & so was I when we first went to Burgertrut but I remember pushing myself out of my comfort zone & getting the veggie burger sweet potato special while Carlos played safe & got the Texas Cheese Massacre meat burger.  We both sat in silence in disbelieve at how good the food was. It was that good we delayed our onward trip & went back to Burgertrut the very next day for lunch & this time WE BOTH ORDERED THE VEGAN DUSHI BURGER!

Yes the boy who once said to me he could never go to a restaurant & order a veggie burger is now a convert & the Vegan Dushi (spiced chickpea with mango chutney & pickle) is our all time fave!

Burgertrut became our couple restaurant & everytime I visited the Netherlands we made a trip to Rotterdam just to have our Vegan Dushi’s, spicy potato chips (these are amazing btw) & of course dessert .

Did I mention the desserts!  Desserts packed with sugary goodness or healthier raw vegan options you cannot leave without trying one! My personal favourite is the salted caramel cheesecake.

For me it is crazy to think that after all of these years of going to Burgertrut it will now be practically on our doorstep. I never imagined that I would live in Rotterdam & so close to one of my favourite restaurants which has so many memories. I have a small feeling that Burgertrut may become a weekly occurrence for us now instead of  yearly one!


So if you find yourself in Rotterdam looking for a place to eat with the friendliest staff, vegetarian, vegan, & meat options you must give this place a try! 

 Lots of love Ella xxx


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