Why is working out the core so important?

Incorporating core exercises into your workout routine is extremely beneficial for your daily life.

Strengthening the core trains the pelvis, lower back & abdomen to work together in harmony allowing better balance, posture & stability. Most physical activity & sports actually depend on a strong core especially with resistance training.

Think about it! The core is the centre of your body & everything starts from the centre. A weak core can not only lead to lower back pain but it can also cause injuries when performing exercises due to a lack of stability.

I found when my core was weak I could not perform the majority of my exercises with correct form & technique such as a squat, deadlift, one legged RDL’S, good mornings & even the push press!

Not only that but a strong core can help throw a ball further & even help with changing your direction faster!

Below is an 8 minute core workout that you can do at home, in the office, in the gym….. so grab yourself a mat & chair & let’s get started… 
You can click into this link for an easily downloaded PDF version of the core workout – 

8 Minute Core Burner


Enjoy! Lots of Love, Ella xxx


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